Argan wood smoke salmon & Caviar on whole-wheat blinis, Beldi lemon confit cream

Attilus recipe


Whole wheat blinis
Mix gentle all the ingredient together, leaves it to rest for 1 hour before cook it in a pan

Lemon Beldi Confit cream
Whisk the cream with the lemon confit, salt and pepper to taste, until it has thickened.

Cucumber gel:
Bring the agar agar and 0.5 litre cucumber juices to the boil, season with salt, lime zest and pour on flat oven trays.
Mix in a food procedure and sieve.
Reserved into a squeezing bottle and refrigerate

Cover the top of the blinis with the lemon Beldi confit cream, dress on top the argan wood smoke salmon, add some drop of cucumber gel, cucumber ribbon and the caviar
Gold leave to garnish with some baby rocket leave

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