Beef Tartare with Attilus Oscietra Caviar

Attilus recipe


Beef Tartare

1. In a bowl, mix mushrooms, shallot and chives with your pickling liquor, pinch of salt and olive oil. Mix well and let it marinade to bind together.

2. Using the back side of a dessert spoon, press the soy and salt into the diced beef fillet. Do this until shiny meat becomes matt.

3. Evenly spread into the bottom of a shallow round dish.

4. Remove the mushrooms and the liquor and spread on top of the beef, pressing down slightly.

5. Use the caviar on top and then spread evenly again.

6. With the bone marrow puree in a squeezy bottle with a narrow nozzle, make 12 dots evenly around the edges and work your way into the centre.

7. Serve with thinly sliced sourdough toast.

Pickling Liqour

1. Mix all together in a pan and bring to the boil. Cool down.

Smoked Bone Marrow Emulsion

1. Melt the Beef Sauce.

2. Blend together, yolks, beef sauce, Dijon, vinegar, soy sauce and Maldon until smooth.

3. Slowly add the veg oil until a thick mayonnaise.

4. Monte in the smoked bone marrow.

5. Pass.

N.B. Keep all ingredients as cool as possible when making to avoid it splitting.
Oil and bone marrow are rough amounts and will vary dependent on how well smoked the marrow is

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