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"We have good fish, but the best caviar comes from Saxony-Anhalt. Many thanks for the easy order processing and the fast delivery. Just great and above all delicious."

Malte S, Hamburg

"Thank you for this great service and fast delivery. It makes you feel good and the quality is right. Muchas Gracias!"

Bruno P, Spanien

"How fast that went. Ordered yesterday and already there today. Cool and fresh, you can only be satisfied. And then this aromatic taste. Simply outstanding."

Michael Z, München

"Just awesome, this caviar. Tastes great and looks great too. I was skeptical at first because caviar is not an "everyday food", but I was completely convinced!"

David G, Stuttgart

"Only a few months ago I came across Attilus and now I am a big fan. About once a month there is caviar with us. I will remain a regular customer for the future too!"

Jörn K, Berlin

"We swear by the" Royal Oscietra Caviar ". The quality is always excellent and appreciated by our customers. By the courier the goods are already on the following days on site. Just perfect."

Harmeet B, Berlin

"I cooked for a couple of friends and came across Attilus. The caviar tastes mild and yet pleasantly aromatic. That's how good caviar should taste."

Julia K, Berlin

"It is wonderful that such a fantastic product is produced in the beatiful region of Jessen and the taste of the caviar is just a treat. Thanks for this great regional product."

Karla F, Wittenberg


Our Siberian sturgeon caviar is of the highest quality thanks to our dedication to producing only the best Baerii. An unbeatable choice for many connoisseurs, Royal Siberian is perfectly pure and refined, with a distinctive aroma and unique, refreshing taste. This is one of our best selling products and we’re proud to offer it exclusively through our online store.


Attilus' Russian sturgeon caviar is produced by the acipenser gueldenstadtii, a species exclusively found in Russia and a handful of nearby regions. Oscietra is renowned for its incredibly deep yet subtle flavour, making it one of the ultimate choices for a true connoisseur. Place your order through our online shop to experience the taste for yourself.


At Attilus we strive for perfection, which is why our products are considered to be of the finest quality available. We now offer you the facility to buy online through our website as well as our London shop, and we highly recommend you take advantage of this to try our incredible products for yourself.

Our passion for creating the best possible results has driven us to set up our own top class production base in Germany. Our state-of-the-art facilities are optimised for keeping our sturgeons in peak condition ready for their eggs to be expertly harvested, as well as being ecologically friendly and producing as little waste as possible. The dedication and hard work we put into our products are the secret behind producing the best caviar in the UK.


We offer delivery throughout not only London and the UK, but also across mainland Europe. You can order your selected products through our website and simply select your preferred delivery option to have them sent directly to you.

In order to preserve the excellent quality of our product, it is necessary to make the delivery as quickly as possible. We use gel ice packs and temperature-controlled packaging to ensure freshness, and offer a selection of next day delivery options. What’s more, on orders exceeding £200 in value you can enjoy complimentary overnight delivery, allowing you to experience the amazing taste of Attilus' products within just a few hours at no extra cost.

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